It’s all about being inter-connected.

When you take in that first sip of morning coffee, the steam still rising off the cup, allow yourself the luxury of savoring the moment: The comfort of holding a warm beverage in your hands, the flavors transitioning from intense burst of flavor into a smooth sweetness that lingers. Where do those fruity notes come from, you may find yourself wondering.

You close your eyes and see farmers on steep tropical hills, carefully picking coffee cherries by hand, placing them in baskets that will ultimately have the fruit removed, the pits/beans dried, then bagged in burlap sacks, loaded on docks, transported across continents, ultimately landing in the gleeful hands of your coffee roaster. The beans are then carefully roasted, packaged, and finally end up in the very cup you’re holding.

How many people have played a role in brewing this cup this morning, you wonder aloud.


On your way to work, you notice a mom walking her kids to school. Something strikes you as you pass by. The kids appear to not have bathed in a while, their clothes are a few sizes too big, and their backpacks are torn. I wish I could help, you lament, as you draw your coffee cup for another sip.

And that action, that simple sip of coffee, actually is helping.

When you bought that bag of Wild Goose Coffee, a portion of that sale went to feeding families just like the one you drove by: 10 pounds of food for each pound of coffee sold, to be specific.

In addition to all of those hands that played a role in preparing your cup of coffee, you just lent a hand in helping someone in need.

You allow yourself to drift a bit, imagining the thousands of people who have pitched in, just like you, simply by drinking coffee.

The collective sips of thousands have provided over a million pounds of food to numerous food banks…helping.

Give yourself the satisfaction of another sip. You’re making a difference.