About Us

Who We Are:


Back in September of 2008, brothers Nathan Westwick and Joe Capraro led Wild Goose Coffee’s inaugural flight at the Redlands Market Night, a weekly farmer’s market in our beautiful hometown of Redlands, CA.  We started passing out samples of our fresh-roasted coffee brewed in French Presses, and offering 8 oz bags for resale.

Even at that early stage, where we were all working as a volunteer staff, we maintained our commitment to using the proceeds of the coffee toward making a difference in our local community.  Our local newspaper took notice of our unique mission, and wrote an article in December of 2008—we had hit 250 pounds of food donated just simply by selling coffee at a local farmer’s market, and we were humbled and thrilled all at the same time.

After expanding our services to include a mobile espresso bar, providing great coffee and espresso drinks for events such as the Redlands Bicycle Classic, University of Redlands commencement ceremonies, among many other private events, we were able to grow our wholesale program, searching far and wide for a Probat L12 roaster, and ultimately finding one in nearby La Jolla.  (Given that San Diego is one of our favorite places, it was rough driving down to the lovely beach city for our training sessions from Bird Rock Coffee Roasters—Roast Magazine’s Roaster of the Year in 2012.)

We moved the Probat from La Jolla to Redlands in March of 2011, placing it in a warehouse on what we’ve named “Brewer’s Alley” in honor of the meshing of our passions and that of our next-door neighbors, Hangar 24 Brewery.

In March of 2017, we moved across town (near Ritual Brewery), expanding into a new space, complete with a coffee and espresso bar.

And that’s where we are now—importing great coffees, roasting them to perfection, and distributing far and wide to customers and cafes who love great coffee with a great mission into their community.


Why We Do What We Do:

We are passionate about two things: Coffee & People. 



We select only the finest Arabica beans from around the globe and roast them in small batches on our Probat roaster.  Probat has long set the bar for excellence in quality coffee roasting—delivering a consistently smooth and flavorful roast.

We spend a lot of time developing each coffee’s unique roast profile, bringing out the intrinsic flavors within each bean.   The result is an exceptionally smooth cup that carries inherent sweetness and a lingering finish.



We believe that collectively, we can all make a difference.  Our coffees are sourced directly using fair trading methods.  It is important to us that the farmers who work so hard to provide us such great coffee get paid fair wages for what they do.  We take that responsibility seriously. It’s localized—we partner local cafes with local food banks so that everyone wins.  You get to drink great coffee at your favorite coffeehouse, and while doing so, you provide food to those in your community who need it most.  We also think that coffee should help transform our own local communities, which is why we have committed, from the very beginning, to purchasing 10 lbs of food to local food banks for every pound of coffee we sell.  If you’re in San Francisco and buying a cup of coffee at a local café serving Wild Goose, a portion of your purchase is going directly back in to the San Francisco community.  If you’re in our hometown of Redlands, CA, and buying a latte at a local café, you are supporting those right here in our own community.


We’re humbled to say that this localized giving model has provided over 1.5 million pounds of food to local communities—all through people drinking coffee.


It’s simple, and it’s beautiful.