Our Story

Our vision is to create better communities through better coffee. Established in 2008. We use our craft to give back. With every 1lb of coffee, we donate 10lbs of food to local banks.

Why the Name, Wild Goose?

The name wild goose stems from celtic tradition: when celtic farmers would go hunting wild geese, the pursuit of the wild goose would lead them on crazy, unpredictable adventures, leading the hunters to gather around the campfire at night and share of their grand adventures and hunting exploits.

These stories of pursuit would often involve unpredictable twists and turns - there was nothing tame about the goose, and catching one would require strength, stamina, persistence, and an embrace of the unknown.

It became a term of endearment for God: chasing after the wild goose will lead a person on crazy, unpredictable adventures that far exceed our wildest imaginations.

Join the chase!

This has been my personal experience with this company: nothing has gone according to script, ands yet everything has been better than I could have written myself. It's my own personal pursuit of the wild goose - and I invite you to join me!

Our Location

Espresso Bar Hours

Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm

Sat - 9am - 1pm

Our Team Members

I have the most amazing team here at Wild Goose Coffee. It’s a beautiful thing when each member of the team is empowered to thrive in their role—to do this, we encourage constant testing and creativity—so that their own personal touch and ownership can be applied to each step of the coffee process.

- Nathan Westwick, Founder

Nathan Westwick

Nathan Westwick



Operations Lead


Lead Roaster


Barista/Production Assistant