Nathan Westwick

Coffee enthusiast, community builder, entrepreneur, author.

When I first started Wild Goose, the fair trade coffee model was all the rage. I wholeheartedly support creating a better life for the farmers who work so hard to cultivate amazing coffee, but for me, something was missing in that model of commerce. With so much need right here in our own communities as well, the thought arose: what would it look like to have a coffee business that not only supported farmers at origin, but also gave back to local communities here in the States? 

That’s where the concept of Wild Goose was born: We would commit to sourcing fairly-traded coffees, ensuring that the farmers and their families were taken care of. In addition, we would donate a percentage of our sales to local food banks—enough to cover 10 lbs of food for every pound of coffee sold.

In 2023 I wrote and published my first book, Clearing the Path: Connecting with God in a Cluttered World.