Frequently Asked Questions

Your coffees don’t seem super dark, even your French Roast. Why is that?

After a certain point in the roasting process (called second crack–the hallmark of a dark coffee), oils are released onto the surface of the bean. These oils turn rancid when in contact with oxygen, which is often why people experience stomach upset after drinking dark-roasted coffee. We don’t want you drinking rancid oils, so we keep our coffees from that stage of the roasting process. The result is a smoother coffee that preserves more flavor as well as protects your stomach from those upsetting oils.

What’s the difference between Comforting and Adventurous coffees?

 We like to say that coffees in our Comforting lineup are perfect for those cold mornings when you want a blanket and a warm fire. They typically have warmer flavor profiles that are chocolatey, sweet, and well…comforting. Adventurous coffees, on the other hand, have more sparkle in the cup–fruity, bright and for those wanting a little pizzazz in their cup.

I bought a bag of coffee a couple of months ago but it’s no longer on the website. Why can’t I find it anymore?

Coffee is a crop, which has growing seasons just like other crops. In the same way you can’t get fresh mangos year-round, once a particular coffee runs out, it runs out. We like to keep our coffees fresh and in-season; as a result, our offerings vary based on the growing seasons of each region we source from. Plus, this way, you get to try fun new coffees throughout the year!

Why, then, do you have other coffees year-round (like Brazil)?

Some coffee regions have multiple harvests throughout the year. Brazil is one of those, so we are able to bring in fresh crops of Brazil throughout the year thanks to these multiple growing seasons.

 How long does coffee stay fresh?

We recommend drinking your coffee within two weeks of the roast date for optimal flavor.

Should I store my coffee in the freezer?

Please no! While we understand your intentions, in the freezer, condensation forms on the surface of the bean, which negatively affects freshness. Just reseal the bag using the zip on the package and store in a cool (not frigid), dry place.

 How long does the coffee roasting process take?

Our roasts typically finish in about 12 minutes or less. Keeping the roasts short preserves flavor and freshness.

 How much coffee do you roast at a time?

Our roaster has a maximum capacity of 25 lbs per batch. We are able to roast several hundred pounds each day.

I have a coffee business; do you guys offer wholesale?

Yep! We specialize in helping cafes succeed by offering fresh-roasted coffee, free coaching/training, as well as equipment recommendation/sales.

Do you guys sell espresso machines too? I’m just starting up and don’t have any equipment yet.

Yep! We can help you find everything you need, and make recommendations based on your budget. We use our industry connections to try to find you the best pricing available. And if you find a better price elsewhere, we will celebrate with you that you got such a killer deal!