Iona Blend (Special Release)

Cupping Notes:  Caramelized Pear, Black Currant, Rum Raisin

Region: Central America, Asia, Indonesia

Process:  Washed

Elevation:  1200 - 2000 m


12 oz bag



Why Iona?

Set off the West Coast of Scotland, Iona is a small but gorgeous island where in 1938 minister George MacLeod took craftsmen and young clergy to rebuild the community and its monastic quarters during a severe economic crisis. 

Today, the Iona Community is passionate about matters of economic justice - promoting the use of fairly-traded products and fighting hunger and poverty.

This community inspires us, showing that when individuals come together with a common mission, great things can be accomplished. With the name Wild Goose coming from Celtic tradition, we thought it proper to honor the story of this island by giving our commemorative blend the name Iona.

In this same spirit, you have donated over 1.5 million pounds of food to your local communities through your daily cup of coffee.

Together, we will continue to create better communities through better coffee.


#1equals 10:  Every bag of coffee helps provide food for a family in need.

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