Peru El Campo

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Cupping Notes:  White Peach, Floral, Butterscotch

Peru El Campo (Walter Paredes)

Walter Paredes is a native to Sector El Campo, and from a young age has dedicated himself to a life of agriculture. His ancestors who farmed in the same region primarily planted potatoes, sugar cane, and corn, until coffee caught on as a profitable crop that would perform well in the local climate and altitude. Now, Walter has the historic honor of being among the first generation of coffee producers from Sector El Campo to achieve some of the best qualities in the entire country of Peru. Quality that brings international recognition to his home community, and that allows coffees like his to sell as individual microlots, bringing recognition to his techniques and dedication as a young farmer. “La Chirimoya” is the name of Walter’s farm, which, at only 2 hectares in size, produces roughly 50 bags of green coffee annually, as well as small amounts of traditional crops like corn, sugar cane, and potatoes. Peru is unique in Latin American coffee for maintaining old varieties of typica, bourbon and caturra, which allows the most focused producers, such as Walter, to achieve gorgeous and layered cup profiles with a delicacy that is uniquely Peruvian. After hand-picking and sorting all ripe cherry, Walter performs a 24-hour cherry fermentation to allow the sugars to peak and the pulp to soften. Once the cherry ferment is complete everything is depulped and fermented for 35 hours, washed thoroughly in fresh water, and dried in a covered solar dryer from 18 to 25 days. Finished parchment is packed into grainpro and stored carefully, elevated on wooden slats, until it is deposited into Aroma Del Valle’s central warehouse.

The Details:

Region: Cajamarca

Altitude: 1940 masl

Variety: Yellow Caturra and Typica

Process: Washed


#1equals 10:  Every bag of coffee helps provide food for a family in need.